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Ghost and Redcon1 are our final two nominees for brand of the year

stack3d brand of the year

Over the past week and a half, we’ve been slowly announcing our top five brands of the year for 2018. We started with Genius Brand in at number five, then the brightly rebranded Sparta Nutrition, and at the start of this week, we announced Olympus Labs as our number three brand of the year.

Today we had planned to announce second place but have instead decided to take the time to name and congratulate our top two brands who were absolutely incredible in 2018. They are the original lifestyle supplement company Ghost and the consistently exciting and expanding Redcon1.

Both of those companies did everything we look for in our brand of the year award. They delivered creative new supplement releases, they stayed in the headlines, continued to pump out new products and flavors throughout the year, and they kept everyone entertained with teasers, sales, and more.

Tomorrow we’ll be naming our runner up for the brand of the year then, of course, the overall winner. We do want to make it known that regardless of who wins, both Ghost and Redcon1 are true industry leaders as well as top-quality, reliable brands that as consumers we can’t help but appreciate.

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