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Brand Of The Year #3: Olympus Labs has a stellar second half of the year

olympus labs

In 2018 we saw Olympus Labs continue its signature innovation and quality supplement releases with a surge of product launches in the second half of the year. It wasn’t quite as busy in the first six months, but the brand still did more than enough to take the number three spot on our list of top five supplement companies of 2018.

The first new products we saw from Olympus Labs came in March and April where it relaunched its loaded testosterone booster Test1fy with a fresh new formula. It also introduced its hybrid muscle building fat burner, K1ngs Slayer. After the arrival of those two, the brand was relatively quiet up until about September onwards.

olympus labs

Right around the time of the Olympia, Olympus Labs essentially exploded with a bunch of new supplement releases. The brand unleashed its incredibly tasty and innovative Superior Protein, which separated itself from the many others in the crowded protein category by having a regular edition and a proven, muscle building version.

Alongside the protein, Olympus Labs dropped a renamed Re1gn called I Am Suprem3 Black Magic Edition, Bloodshr3d Black Magic Edition, and an updated version of its capsule fat burner Ignit3. Also on top of all of that, the brand reformulated its estrogen and muscle building products Sup3r PCT, Elim1nate, and Ar1macare Pro, all featuring its own branded compound Elimistane luteolin.

Of all of the new products Olympus Labs launched in the back half of 2018, it was really the creativity and innovative formulas that impressed us. Instead of doing just a regular protein, the brand did what it could to make Superior Protein stand out with delicious flavors and a unique alternate version. It also made notable changes to its updated supplements which were even more impressive as some of them weren’t even that old.

olympus labs

The one last highlight from Olympus Labs in 2018 was its major online rebrand where its website and marketing took an all-new direction. The company has now become a lot more personal and even more consumer-driven than before. The rebrand carries an interesting message that you’ll notice more and more when you follow the brand for a bit, and it’ll also be interesting to see where it takes Olympus in 2019.

Due to Olympus Labs jamming a lot of action into the last few months of last year, it already has a good amount of momentum behind it as we head into the new year. We’re hoping the brand keeps that drive going and if it manages to keep up its current level of hype, innovation, and releases, we’re going to be in for a very competitive year from Olympus.