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Brand Of The Year #5: Genius truly comes into its own in 2018

genius brand of the year

The first entry in our list of top five supplement companies of 2018, in at number five, is the innovative and consistently impressive Genius Brand. The company already made a lot of noise and gained a lot of attention on Stack3d in 2017, but this past year it went above and beyond and really came into its own.

One of the things we look for in our brands of the year is consistency with new product releases as well as creativity and quality with those releases. Genius did that better than most other brands on the market and it branched out into a variety of different categories, including some you very rarely see supplement companies go after.

genius carb

In 2018 Genius gave fans Genius Heart for brain function and heart health, Genius Carb, the magic health formula Genius Mushrooms, and the sports drink Genius Electrolytes. Some of the more unique categories we saw the brand branch out into included Genius Beauty which also launched in a moisturizing spin-off, and Genius Estrogen Balance.

Along with all of the supplements mentioned above, Genius also dropped a couple of creative and innovative items. There was Genius Muscle Builder powered by PeakO2, MyoeDge and Mediator phosphatidic acid, and the energy and focus enhancing, liquid shot, appropriately named A Shot Of Genius.

Like all good brands, Genius shared product teasers throughout 2018, most of which came near the end of the year leaving us with a lot of excitement going into 2019. That list of coming soon supplements includes Genius Digestion Optimizer, the vegan protein Genius Vegan Strong, and the Genius Protein Bar.

genius vegan strong

As mentioned, Genius did everything we look for to make our brands of the year list. It put together some truly unique supplements, it expanded into some very specific categories, and it kept everyone interested with teasers, worthwhile sales, and a transformation challenge promoting Genius Muscle Builder with a huge cash prize.

We can only hope Genius does just as well in 2019 as it did in 2018 which we do suspect will be the case based on the unreleased products that have been teased. If the brand can bring its signature creativity and point of difference to the protein bar and vegan protein markets, it will no doubt continue to make noise and leave a mark on the year.

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