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‘Merica Energy follows up its shoes with an equally outrageous hat

merica energy balls hat

Just as it did when VPX Sports revealed and released its Bang Energy shoes, ‘Merica Energy has previewed a new accessory following the unveiling of Bang’s new hat. The latest piece of apparel from the ‘Merica brand is also a hat but with a bunch of extra ‘Merica features.

The hat is named very similar to the ‘Merica Energy D.I.C.K.S. shoes, going by the title B.A.L.L.S. Just like with the shoes, the hat’s name does stand for something with Ballistic Action Lid Launcher System.

“No matter how big, D.I.C.K.S® aren’t complete without their B.A.L.L.S®. To that end, ‘Merica Energy is proud to announce that it’s launching B.A.L.L.S (Ballistic Action Lid Launcher System) to complement its award-winning and huge D.I.C.K.S.”

According to the brand, the ‘Merica Energy hat is made of breathable tri-blend material. It also features a fully-functional grenade launcher, a snug holder for a 16oz ‘Merica Energy drink, anti-polarization football coach sunglasses, and of course, an American flag sticking out of the top.

Much like ‘Merica Energy D.I.C.K.S. shoes, we’re pretty this second weaponized product from the brand is purely for entertainment. On that note, we are excited to see what ‘Merica Energy brings in 2019 as we are still waiting on its Cream Soda flavor that was said to be next back in September.