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BPI Sports packs 1.5g of betaine carnitine into its all-new liquid formula

bpi sports liquid carnitine

Following the unveiling of its rebrand, as well as its entirely new supplements Keto Tea and Clinical Essential Aminos, BPI Sports has dropped another new product. The brand’s latest supplement release is a single ingredient formula called Liquid Carnitine.

Like a lot of carnitine products, BPI Sports Liquid Carnitine is designed to help you maximize the number of free fat cells your body can utilize as energy. While the supplement’s benefits are something we’ve seen before, its main ingredient is not.

Instead of featuring regular l-carnitine or carnitine-tartrate, BPI Sports new Liquid Carnitine is powered by betaine carnitine at a dose of 1.5g per serving. Each bottle of the product packs a total of 30 servings and comes in Fruit Punch and Orange flavor options.

Fans of BPI Sports can purchase the new Liquid Carnitine now directly from the brand’s website where a full 30 serving bottle will cost you $22.99.

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