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Raze Energy Review: Phantom Freeze a delicious and instant favorite

raze energy review

With REPP Sports set to reveal and release its exciting new yellow and pink colored Raze Energy flavor next week, we decided to get our hands on its two recent additions for review. Those flavors are Grape Bubblegum and Phantom Freeze, which were both made available in November and December of last year.

We became instant fans of REPP Sports Raze Energy after trying all four of its original flavors with Sour Gummy Worms, Guava Mango, Watermelon Frost, and Strawberry Colada. The Sour Gummy Worms and Mango Guava turned out to be our two favorites due to how well they delivered on their title tastes.

raze energy review


Grape Bubblegum and Phantom Freeze Raze Energy essentially keep the energy drink’s reputation good and strong. The two flavors are both right up there with our favorites from the original lineup; in fact, the white themed Phantom Freeze became our new favorite right from the first mouthful.

REPP Sports’ Grape Bubblegum Raze Energy is exactly what it’s named, combining a very pronounced grape taste with a touch of bubblegum. The bubblegum side of the flavor isn’t as strong as the grape, it does, however, make itself known with the overall taste coming off as a true grape bubblegum combination.

raze energy review

Moving on to Phantom Freeze, as mentioned it is indeed our new favorite. It is a bit difficult to put a finger on the exact taste of the drink, but if we had to summarize, we’d say it’s a sweet lemonade with a hint of lime. While the product is sweet, it is never too much, with a smooth experience that can quickly turn you into a Phantom Freeze fan.


Once again, the Grape Bubblegum and Phantom Freeze flavors, really further Raze Energy’s already strong reputation. They’re both enjoyable and are great, diverse additions to the product’s menu. If you are a fan of the drink, definitely give them a try as well as get ready for the yellow and pink flavor coming next week.