Barebells Protein Core Bar Review: Another hard to beat protein bar

Barebells Protein Core Bar Review

The Protein Core Bar is a high protein snack from the Sweden based functional food company Barebells. It is intended to be a slightly different experience compared to the original Barebells Protein Bar which we still consider to be the best protein bar in the world.

Overall, Barebells Protein Core Bar is a smaller snack compared to the regular Barebells Protein Bar weighing in at 40g per bar. Not too surprisingly, the smaller bar comes with a smaller nutrition profile providing 13g of protein, 5.6 to 6.8g of fat, 11g to 13g of carbohydrates, and 142 to 148 calories.

Barebells Protein Core Bar Review


Just like the brand’s original protein bar, the Barebells Protein Core Bar is an absolutely delicious high protein snack. It features a similar consistency to the regular Barebells bar and similar quality in flavor. The primary difference is the order that the flavor and consistency hit you as well as how they come together.

When you bite into the Barebells Protein Core Bar, you get a sweet chocolate taste with crispy pieces from the outer layer, followed by a reasonably smooth main body. You then get to the core of the bar, which is where the consistency switches to gooey, and the product comes at you with a whole lot of extra flavor.

Barebells Protein Core Bar Review

The Barebells Protein Core Bar’s three flavors all deliver on their names with Apple Pie, Brownie, and Toffee. The apple pie has the perfect balance of apple and cinnamon that immediately puts apple pie to the forefront of your mind. The Toffee features a mild toffee taste until you get to the center, then it turns into a salty and sweet combination.

The best of the three Barebells Protein Core Bars for us is the Brownie, which is truly a chocolate lover’s dream. The entire experience is filled with sweet chocolate flavors; in fact, even the body feels like it has a more brownie-like consistency. It is chocolate overload, although at no point is it ever too rich or thick.

Barebells Protein Core Bar Review


Even though Barebells makes our favorite protein bar on the market, we didn’t expect the experience to be too different with the Protein Core Bar. While it does have similarities, the Core Bar definitely provides its own unique flavor and feel, with that gooey core proving to be an addictive feature and a nice sweet treat at the end of each bite.

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