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Dedicated confirms two more ingredients for its updated Vaso Grow

dedicated nutrition vaso grow

Dedicated Nutrition has confirmed another couple of ingredients for the upcoming, updated version of its pump formula Vaso Grow. Just recently the brand named the first features in the product with Vaso6 dosed at exactly 333.3mg per serving and a hefty 3g of NO3-T arginine nitrate.

From what we know Dedicated Nutrition’s new Vaso Grow will pack a total of seven different ingredients, with this week bringing the reveal of number three and four. To ensure it delivers on its promise of a 24-hour pump the supplement will also have another 333.3mg each of norvaline and pine bark.

That leaves three ingredients left to be confirmed for the upcoming Vaso Grow, although before that we’ll be getting more features revealed for the new Epic and Unstoppable. Dedicated Nutrition still plans on having its the reformulation unveiled and ready to go in time for FIBO early next month.