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Dedicated reveals a fraction of its promising new Unstoppable formula

dedicated unstoppable

Just like with its other upcoming supplements Vaso Grow and Epic, today Dedicated Nutrition has shared a sneak peek at the new version of its legendary pre-workout Unstoppable. Every time the brand has relaunched this product, it has rocketed to the top of our rankings, so the next one has a lot of hype behind it.

The sneak peek Dedicated Nutrition has shared for its reformulated Unstoppable confirms a fraction of the ingredients that will be in the supplement. The brand has revealed a total of five main features that are all impressively dosed, which isn’t too surprising coming from Dedicated Nutrition.

The new Unstoppable is going to have well over ten different ingredients including the pump enhancers citrulline at 4g and NO3-T arginine nitrate at 2g. Just like with its updated Vaso Grow, Dedicated Nutrition will be transparently listing the nitrate on its Unstoppable label as 1.8g of arginine and 200mg of nitrates.

dedicated unstoppable

The other three features revealed for the exciting new Unstoppable are all for energy and focus with 310mg of caffeine, and the powerful pair of TeaCrine and Dynamine. Both of those last two ingredients are dosed very high at 100mg of pure TeaCrine and an even bigger 160mg of pure Dynamine.

While Dedicated Nutrition has only confirmed five ingredients for the revamped Unstoppable, it’s made us more excited than we were before. Those five features alone will make for a great pre-workout experience, but for Unstoppable they’re less than half of what the brand has packed into the product.

As previously confirmed with the sneak peeks at the reformulated Vaso Grow and Epic, Dedicated Nutrition plans on launching its new and improved Unstoppable within the next month or so.