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Olympus announces new direction, branding and products for 2019

olympus labs

Olympus Labs is setting itself up to have an absolutely incredible year following the massive amount of momentum it gained at the end of 2018. The brand has managed to place in our list of top five brands of the year for the past three years, so it’s no surprise it’s aiming even bigger 2019.

One of the major areas Olympus Labs is making changes for this year is its branding and marketing. It is shifting its model from primarily selling product to a more modern approach, where instead it becomes a part of the fitness community as well as the lives and journeys of its customers.

The Olympus Labs CEO Mobi Khawaja says “We know our goal is to connect our supplements to other lifestyle ventures such as fashion and clothing, and as a brand our new targeted audience is Millennials – Generation Z. Our whole corporate team’s identity falls in this range. We are Generation Z. Our new branding is extremely user centric and automatically generates UGC by asking “whats your story,” and calling our consumers heroes as a form of storytelling in itself.”

olympus labs

“This then connects to the disruptive product labelling and usage of colors, lifestyle, and storytelling elements. Many other market examples exist, but not quite in the way that we will achieve this. We don’t aim to be in just your shaker cup, we aim to be a part of your overall life and personal culture. We are going to bring it hard this year, industry best formulations, new trends, spectacular branded flavors, and we are going to build an uplifting community of heroes.”

Olympus Labs plans to start its big move in the new direction very soon with the launch of a bunch of exciting supplements. The releases are going to be the usual and reliable Olympus Labs quality, and will eventually get things like limited edition versions with alternate formulas as well as limited flavors.

As mentioned earlier, Olympus Labs is truly setting itself up to have its best year to date. The shift in branding and marketing will be a big step although all of the new products it has planned sound even more interesting. Best of all, everything is kicking off and happening very soon.

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