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Vireo Systems reaches a settlement agreement with GNC

promera con-cret gnc settlement

Last year Vireo Systems the owner of Promera, and creatine HCl patent co-owner the University of Nebraska, filed a patent infringement lawsuit against GNC. Vireo alleged that some of the retailer’s products infringed on its patents including AMP Creatine HCl 189 and GNC Pro Performance Creatine Complex Chew.

Vireo Systems along with the University of Nebraska, have shared a press release this week, announcing they’ve reached a settlement with GNC. The major supplement retailer has agreed to license the patents, and moving forward will have all of its creatine HCl products made by Vireo or made using Vireo’s creatine HCl.

“In reaching a settlement agreement with GNC, we are pleased they are helping to set an example and fulfill their role as a leader in the health and wellness market,” said Mark Faulkner, President of Vireo Systems. “Our companies working together through this matter has been important in improving the overall ethics of the sports nutrition market.”

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