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Barebells starts teasing flavor number eight for its great tasting Milkshake

barebells milkshake

This year Barebells has released quite a number of products including its all-new and delicious Core Bar, as well as new flavors for its top-rated protein bar and ice cream tub, bar, and stick. It now looks like it is once again the Barebells Milkshake’s turn after it got a new Forest Fruit flavor back in January.

Milkshake is Barebells’ on-the-go protein RTD that just like all of its other protein snacks and functional food, tastes absolutely amazing. Today, the Swedish-based brand has started teasing what appears to be flavor number eight for the delicious protein shake, and according to Barebells, it is “gonna shake things up!”

Based on what little glimpses we have of the upcoming product, the new flavor of Barebells Milkshake looks to be colored green and brown. That only gives us one idea at what the upcoming release will be, and that is some sort of mint chocolate combination.

While we can’t be 100% sure that a mint chocolate Milkshake is what’s on the way until Barebells unveils it, the flavor would actually be quite fitting. It was just last month that the brand made its previously limited edition Mint Dark Chocolate protein bar permanent, so a mint chocolate RTD would be a nice follow on.

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