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All-new Spinach and Mushroom Quest Pizza now available at Target

spinach mushroom quest pizza

Quest Nutrition has introduced another flavor of its high protein pizza, which is also the product’s first new option since hitting the market almost one year ago. The all-new addition to the protein pizza’s menu is similar to its 4-Cheese flavor in that meat is not a main feature, with the Spinach and Mushroom Quest Pizza.

The newest product from Quest Nutrition is made with both of the ingredients in its title along with mozzarella cheese and alfredo sauce. Just like the three original Quest Pizza flavors, the Spinach and Mushroom is gluten-free and provides a strong 56g of protein in an entire 332g pizza.

The other major macros making up Quest Nutrition’s fourth Quest Pizza flavor are 44g of carbohydrates with only 4g of that sugar, an equal 44g of fat, and a total of 720 calories. The brand has yet to add its Spinach and Mushroom Quest Pizza to its own website, but it is already listed on Target’s website and in stores.