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Tim Muriello is releasing his own pheromone cologne called Gym Crush

tim muriello gym crush cologne

Tim Muriello is no stranger to creative and unique products, in fact over the years since he hit the market with his first supplement we’ve seen quite a few. A couple of the standouts would be his gummy candies made with CBD and leucine, and his very own bath bombs made specifically to help with leg days.

In 2019 Tim Muriello looks like he is going to continue down that creative and unique path with another product that you won’t see from almost any other supplement brand. The next big release from Tim Muriello is his very own pheromone cologne that is named Gym Crush and branded quite differently from his supplements.

While we can’t help but be impressed by the creativity Tim Muriello continues to deliver; we’re not too surprised his next product is as out there as a bottle of cologne. We’re definitely interested in finding out what the actual smell of Gym Crush is like, and will be able to next week as that is when it is releasing.

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