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Amazon Prime Air could deliver your supplements in less than 30 minutes

amazon prime air supplements

Not only does the online retail giant Amazon have a huge range of products including a vast selection of supplements, but it also has an impressive variety of delivery options. You can have your Amazon order delivered in as little as one or two days, delivered inside your house and garage, or even delivered into the boot of your car.

This week Amazon has announced that soon you may be able to purchase your supplements online and have them delivered in less than half an hour by drone. The service is called Prime Air and was initially talked about a number of years ago but is now in the news again due to Amazon’s unveiling of a new and improved drone design.

You can see the retailer’s drone in action in the video above, which is capable of traveling as much as 15 miles to deliver a package. It can carry orders weighing up to 5lbs which is enough to cover you for most supplements like pre-workouts, fat burners, and aminos, but not so much for a lot of gainers and larger protein powders.

Amazon’s new Prime Air drone design comes with a number of improvements on its predecessors in areas like efficiency, stability, and safety. You can read more about the service and new drone design on Amazon’s blog, and by the sounds of things expect to be able to order using Prime Air in the very near future.

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