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Maxler fans can now get the benefits of Daily Max in effervescent tablets

maxler daily max effervescent tablets

Maxler has added a new spin-off for its German line of supplements with a different way to enjoy its multi-vitamin formula Daily Max. The product is still available in its original tablet form, although now fans of the brand can also get the vitamin and mineral supplement in flavored effervescent tablets.

The all-new Daily Max effervescent spin-off has essentially the same variety of ingredients as the regular tablet version and with mostly the same doses. Some of the product’s consistent features include 400mcg of folic acid, 60mg of vitamin C, 15mg of zinc, 162mg of calcium, and 6mcg of vitamin B12.

Maxler’s Daily Max effervescent tablets comes in two different flavor options, both of which are fruity recipes in Mango and Orange. If you are a regular user of the original Daily Max and do want to try the new version, do note that you don’t get as many servings with this one at a total of 20 per tube.