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Kodiak is updating Anabolic Coma with a new formula for even better results

anabolic coma

Last month Kodiak dropped a teaser hinting at the upcoming release of some sort of nighttime supplement. The teaser actually had us a little curious as the Stack3d Certified brand does already have something available in the nighttime category with the reliable and effective Anabolic Coma.

Kodiak has now shared a lot more information about its previously mysterious nighttime product, and it turns out it isn’t anything entirely new. The brand has revealed it is planning to launch an updated version of Anabolic Coma that promises to deliver even better sleep and recovery results.

The refreshed nighttime supplement is going to have a slightly different mix of ingredients but will also be bringing with it a new flavor option that has yet to be named. Kodiak is launching the new Anabolic Coma somewhere in the month of August which makes it roughly six to ten weeks away from being available.