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Swft Stims’ collaboration with Delta Sport is a caffeine free pre-workout

swft stims preclr

PreCLR is a pre-workout product put together by two supplement companies in Delta Sport and the up and coming Swft Stims. PreCLR is actually a caffeine free pre-workout intending to provide a similar mix of benefits as a regular, caffeinated pre-workout including increased energy, focus, and pumps.

The product from Delta Sport and Swft Stims features a nice even balance of ingredients, with about half of them transparently dosed, and the rest wrapped up in a non-transparent blend. On the transparent side, there is 3.2g of the performance enhancer beta-alanine, a light 300mg of glycerol, 6g of pure citrulline for pumps, and 50mg of the S7 blend.

As mentioned, the rest of PreCLR’s ingredients are wrapped up in a proprietary blend with an 830mg combination of n-acetyl-l-tyrosine, higenamine, and Cocoabuterol. Also included in that blend is the powerful pair of TeaCrine and Dynamine for increased physical and mental energy, as well as improved mood.

Swft Stims and Delta Sport’s PreCLR comes in two flavors with the red color accented Red Ice, and blue themed Blue Ice. Both of the caffeine free pre-workout’s options are now in stock and available for purchase from the retailer A1 Supplements where PreCLR will cost you $34.99 for a full-size 30 serving tub.