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Ambrosia hypes Ritual PM saying it will make a difference in people’s lives

ambrosia ritual pm

The brand Ambrosia from Mike Rashid, Marc Lobliner, and Sean Torbati, has always delivered unique and exciting supplements. From its original focus enhancer Mental Jewels through to its top-rated recovery formula Overtraining Solution; the brand almost always draws attention when it drops something new.

This week Ambrosia has named and slightly previewed its next entirely new supplement with Ritual PM, not to be confused with its morning biohacker Ritual AM. Based on what’s been revealed so far, we know the upcoming Ritual PM is going to be a nighttime product, presumably to help with sleep in some way.

The other few details we know are that Ambrosia has formulated Ritual PM around an all-new ingredient that has had multiple human studies done on it. Sean Torbati from Ambrosia is actually going as far as saying, “This product WILL make a profound difference in the lives of 100’s of thousands of people’s lives.”

While we still don’t know a whole lot about Ambrosia’s upcoming Ritual PM, it does sound very promising. As mentioned earlier, the brand has delivered some impressive and effective supplements over the years, so we’re inclined to believe all the confidence and hype Ambrosia is putting behind Ritual PM.