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Fun and enjoyable G Fuel Energy Crystals are back and apparently better

g fuel energy crystals are back

In 2018, Gamma Labs treated us to a unique variant of its hugely popular, energy and focus enhancing, gaming supplement G Fuel, with G Fuel Energy Crystals. The product was a popping candy version of the brand’s flagship supplement and proved to be a fun and nostalgic new way to enjoy G Fuel.

Since launching mid last year, Gamma Labs’ G Fuel Energy Crystals became unavailable, although this week, they are now back and according to the brand, they’re better than ever. The product can now be purchased again in the same three flavors as before with Blue Ice, Green Apple, and Sour Cherry.

We’re not entirely sure what makes Gamma Labs’ energizing popping candy better, but you can grab them today from for the same price as the original at $6.99 for a pack of three or $12.99 for six.

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