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‘Merica Labz teams up with Pro Puffs for a special flavor of its protein puffs

merica labs pro puffs

‘Merica Labz just dropped an all-new collaboration product that it put together in partnership with the protein snack company Pro Puffs. The main product available from Pro Puffs has the same name as the brand itself, and is a small bag of miniature, protein-packed puffs.

The item that ‘Merica Labz and Pro Puffs came together to create is a new flavor of the high protein Pro Puffs snack made with Independence Cake Patriot’s Whey. It was only just this week that ‘Merica Labz officially launched Independence Cake which comes with red, white and blue sprinkles in the powder.

The macros on the ‘Merica Labz Pro Puffs are 25g of protein per bag, 11g of carbohydrates with 5g of that sugar, 9g of fat, and 210 calories. It doesn’t look like you can grab this one from the brand’s website, but it is available from Merica’s retail partners, including the Nutrition Corners both in stores and online.