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Black Skull introduces its stronger and more intense 4 Xtreme Coffee

black skull 4 xtreme coffee

Another new product has surfaced from the Brazilian supplement company Black Skull after last week’s introduction of the Bone Crusher beverage and pre-workout peanut butter. The brand’s next product is Black Skull 4 Xtreme Coffee, which is a bag of coffee that is said to be much stronger than regular coffee.

The brand’s new 4 Xtreme Coffee is made with a special selection of grains from Minas Gerais in Black Skull’s home country of Brazil. According to the brand, Minas Gerais is known for having the best coffee in the country, hence why Black Skull has gone that route for its first-ever ground coffee.

As mentioned, Black Skull’s newest release is said to be a lot stronger compared to common coffee. To be more specific, the brand says 4 Xtreme Coffee is four times stronger and more intense, hence the number in the name. The supplement is also completely organic with no additives and has zero calories.

Like with Black Skull’s other recent releases, you can purchase its new 4 Xtreme Coffee now directly through its Brazilian online store at $30.59 (7.59 USD) for a 250g bag.

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