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The Cereal School reveals and releases its protein cereal in a Cocoa flavor

cocoa cereal school

The fun, functional food company, The Cereal School, has revealed and released its first new flavor for its high protein cereal. The well-marketed brand’s signature product features a very lean nutrition profile considering its format. It provides a solid 16g of protein per serving with only 100 calories and a gram of carbohydrates.

Up until today, The Cereal School’s delicious protein snack came in only two flavors with Fruity and Cinnamon Bun. Now sitting alongside those original options is a flavor more suited for chocolate cereal fans named Cocoa. It packs the same macros as the other options in regards to protein and carbs, but with slightly less fat at 3g instead of 3.5.

You can now purchase the latest product from The Cereal School through its online store with all of its usual options available. There is a 24 single-serving bag pack in one or two flavors at $49.99. A variety pack is also available with 12 bags of each of the three flavors at $74.99, which works out to the same per bag price.