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ProBrands unveils its fresh new branding on a handful of products

probrands rebrand

The Sweden-based company ProBrands has unveiled an all-new look for its seemingly large and strong line of supplements. The brand’s updated design is very different from its previous one, although it does bring a bit more consistency to all of the products.

ProBrand’s fresh new look is heavily driven by a strong, diagonal design that sits in the background and features on every supplement. On top of that, the brand has similarly angled and stylish text that gives the rebranded products a more modern and upbeat, look and feel.

You can check out the all-new 2019 branding for ProBrands and its supplements in the image above. The look has been previewed on its sugar-free beverage AminoPro, and the ProteinPro products Pancake Mix, Big Bite Bar, and Potato Chips.

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