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Delicious Barbells Core Bar gets its first new flavor since release

banana caramel barebells core bar

The Protein Core Bar from the Sweden-based Barebells, is another great-tasting protein bar that features a slightly different build to the brand’s number one original. It comes with Barebells’ signature sweet chocolate on the outside, a smooth doughy middle, and a gooey, delicious center.

Barebells did only just launch its Protein Core Bar at the start of this year, with three flavors to choose from in Brownie, Apple Pie, and Toffee. This month the always impressive functional company has introduced its first new flavor for the Core Bar since release, and it looks like yet another great effort.

The new addition to Barebells’ Protein Core Bar is a unique combination of flavors with Banana Caramel. Just like the brand’s Blueberry Cake Protein Bar from last week, the Banana Caramel Core Bar is now in stores. You can grab it from the likes of Gymgrossisten at 249 kr (25.81 USD) per box.

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