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Exclusive ISO100 relaunches at Costco in a slightly smaller 80 serving size

dymatize iso100 at costco

Dymatize has relaunched its whey isolate powered ISO100 protein powder in an exclusive size at the wholesale supermarket Costco. Last year the brand released a 90 serving bag of ISO100 at Costco, which is no longer available, but a slightly smaller 80 serving bag has now shown up in its place.

Just like Dymatize’s original Costco exclusive ISO100, its new 80 serving has no artificial colors or flavors, and it is naturally sweetened with stevia. The product is now available from the supermarket in three options with Chocolate Decadence, Vanilla Bliss, and Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup.

As for the price on Dymatize’s relaunched bag of ISO100 at Costco; with the fewer number of servings has also come a slightly lower price point. Instead of costing $74.99 like the original 90 serving, the 80 serving is $69.99, which isn’t as cost-effective as the 90, but still a very competitive deal.