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Limitless says its upcoming product will put you in a state of “flow”

limitless nutrition flow

A little over a month ago the Australian brand Limitless Nutrition teased the label for its all-new adaptogen product Shroom Tonic. While we have still yet to see the launch for Shroom Tonic, the brand is back again this week teasing the release of yet another interesting product called Flow.

According to Limitless Nutrition, Flow is a supplement designed to help you achieve a state of “flow”. It doesn’t specifically say what type of formula the new product is, however, based on a few other things the brand has said, it sounds like some sort of energy and focus formula.

Limitless Nutrition is currently testing Flow with no word on when it’ll release and available on shelves. We do look forward to seeing how this one turns out, mostly because the brand seems to like doing things differently as seen with its own Amino Secret and still upcoming Shroom Tonic.

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