Performix welcomes Jeremy Potvin to the team following its big relaunch

Sep 16th, 2019
performix jeremy potvin

Fresh off of its relaunch at the Mr. Olympia Expo which won it our People’s Choice award, Performix has announced the signing of a big-name athlete. Joining the Performix family with 780k followers on Instagram is IFBB Pro Jeremy Potvin, who was previously with the guys at Redcon1.

The coming together of Performix and Jeremy Potvin is more than just your typical supplement company and athlete signing. Jeremy, who is also an army veteran, is actually going to be building a dedicated team of athletes entirely made up of veterans.

Jeremy Potvin will be mentoring and coaching at Performix’s Fit Ops Foundation camps alongside its CEO Matt Hesse as well as its other well-known ambassador, John Cena. Fit Ops is a foundation that offers free programs specifically for veterans to become certified personal trainers.

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