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KetoLogic’s tasty Keto Indulge now comes in boxes of 12 two-piece packs

ketologic keto indulge

KetoLogic’s Keto Indulge is an incredibly delicious chocolate snack that feels and tastes just like real chocolate, but is keto-friendly with zero sugar. We grabbed it back in August from CVS for a full flavor review, at which time you could only purchase the product in carry boxes of four, two chocolate packs.

This month, KetoLogic has launched its memorable chocolate treat on its website in the same enjoyable flavors but with a different packaging format. Keto Indulge is now available in a more traditional protein bar style box with pairs of chocolates packaged in a branded wrapper, with a total of 12 packs per box.

The all-new, better presented and familiar Keto Indulgence format is cost-effectively about the same as KetoLogic’s carry box at $27.99. Both of the product’s flavors are now available over at with a variety pack also on the list to choose from, but it still costs the same $27.99 per box.