Limited edition Superhuman Supreme is back but this time it is here to stay

Oct 1st, 2019
superhuman supreme

Superhuman Supreme is a limited edition pre-workout from Alpha Lion that first launched earlier this year in May. The supplement is essentially a more intense version of the brand’s original Superhuman pre-workout. Some of its ingredients include 375mg of caffeine, DMHA, eria jarensis, 7g of citrulline malate, and S7.

After introducing Superhuman Supreme in May, Alpha Lion brought the product back for a second limited release in two new flavors for 4th Of July. In just one hour from now, the brand is bringing back its more intense pre-workout once again, although this time around Superhuman Supreme is here to stay.

superhuman supreme

Alpha Lion has officially decided to make its loaded pre-workout an ongoing, permanent supplement. It will relaunch today at exactly 10 AM Eastern Time through the brand’s online store. It comes with all of the same ingredients and doses as the original Superhuman Supreme to deliver the same intense experience.

As far as flavors go for Alpha Lion’s previously limited-edition pre-workout, it is re-releasing in the same two options it had for 4th Of July. Those flavors are Lincoln’s Limeade and Patriotic Pineapple, with each one packing a total of 21 full-size servings per tub.