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Another delicious flavor of GPOP Protein Popcorn is on the way

new flavor of gpop on the way

GPOP is the colorful new kid on the block in the growing protein popcorn category, who launched a little over one month ago. We managed to get our hands on all four of its flavors ahead of release for review, and our expectations were certainly met upon trying each of the delicious options.

For those that missed it, GPOP arrived in Cinnamon Roll, B-Day Cake, and Chocolate Lava flavors, as well as our favorite, Peanut Butter Cup. While the product is still quite new to the market, the protein popcorn brand has now revealed that another option is already on the way.

GPOP has not yet confirmed what the new flavor is exactly; however, it has assured us it will be just as tasty as its four originals. The brand also doesn’t have a launch date or week for its fifth protein popcorn just yet but has provided an estimate of around one to two months away.

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