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Olympus combines EAAs and AstraGin for its amino competitor EAA Drip

olympus eaa drip

Olympus Labs recently relaunched itself as a lifestyle brand named Olympus Lyfestyle, that is exclusively available online in the US from The revamped brand hit the market with three supplements to start including a protein, stim-free pre-workout, and a fat burner, as well as a stim pre-workout in Australia.

Following that major relaunch, Olympus Lyfestyle has just added another entirely new product to its lineup with the amino formula EAA Drip. Like most recent entries into the amino market, and as its name suggests; EAA Drip features a combination of essential amino acids to reduce muscle breakdown and improve recovery.

A full two-scoop serving of Olympus Lyfestyle’s EAA Drip comes with precisely 7.36g of fermented vegan-friendly amino acids. Making up that 7.36g of aminos are all nine EAAs, which of course includes the three BCAAs. Olympus has also thrown 25mg of AstraGin into the supplement to support absorption.

Just like Olympus Lyfestyle’s handful of other products on the market, you can now grab EAA Drip from the online supplement retailer It is fairly pricey for an amino formula at $44.99 for a 30 full-size serving tub with three flavors to choose from in Apple Money, Bikini Bottom, and L Squad.