Optimum’s Fit 40 Series also has a stimulant free performance supplement

Nov 4th, 2019
optimum nutrition fit 40 pre workout

Optimum Nutrition’s Fit 40 Series is a family of supplements formulated for active individuals over the age of 40. We previously posted about the first two products in the line which is a protein powder powered by three different types of whey protein, and a capsule supplement to support joints.

It turns out there is actually a third item in the Optimum Nutrition Fit 40 Series which is a pre-workout type product. The legacy brand suggests users take the supplement before or during their workout for performance and endurance benefits to help train harder and longer.

optimum nutrition fit 40 pre workout

On the ingredient side, unlike most products you take before your workout, the Fit 40 Series supplement does not contain any stimulants. It comes with 3g each of creatine monohydrate and HMB, 2g each of CarnoSyn beta-alanine and the PeakO2 performance blend, Nitrosigine, and elevATP.

Optimum Nutrition’s Fit 40 Series training booster basically features a lot of the common performance and endurance ingredients. You can pick up the pre-workout product starting this month from the brand’s website with 20 servings per tub in Cherry Lime and Fruit Punch flavors.