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Barebells makes its Christmas edition protein bar an on going product

crunchy fudge barebells protein bar

While Barebells’ limited edition Xmas Fudge Protein Bar for this year’s holiday season, didn’t impress us all that much, the brand has decided to make it an ongoing option. The announcement is great news for those that enjoyed it, but not completely out of character for Barebells, as it did the same thing last year for its limited Mint Dark Chocolate.

Barebells is keeping everything the same regarding taste and ingredients for the ongoing version of its Xmas Fudge Protein Bar from its 20g of protein through to its snow-like white sprinkles. On the outside, it is a slightly different story as the Sweden-based brand has decided to change its name and rebrand it with a new and very royal color theme.

Now that Barebells has made the Xmas Fudge Protein Bar a permanent product, it has been renamed Crunchy Fudge and comes wrapped in navy blue, gold, and red colors. By the sounds of things, fans of the top-rated functional brand can look forward to seeing the rebranded Crunchy Fudge Protein Bar in stores soon, if not already.

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