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DVST8 Worldwide Review: Competitive pre-workout for a global audience

dvst8 worldwide review

DVST8 Worldwidewidewide, or more simply DVST8 Worldwide, is Inspired’s newest version of the long-running and reputable DVST8 pre-workout. As per its name, the supplement is formulated with a global audience in mind, so that fans in other countries can enjoy the same experience as those in the US.

In typical Inspired and DVST8 fashion, DVST8 Worldwide comes with a well-rounded formula featuring ingredients for energy, focus, pumps, and performance. The product is not as loaded as some of Inspired’s past DVST8s, however with the goal being that it’s more internationally compliant, that’s not too surprising.


With 300mg of natural caffeine alongside 50mg of pure Dynamine, you get the kind of energy kick you’d expect after throwing back a serving of DVST8 Worldwide. It doesn’t hit too hard, although it’s also not overly light either. You feel a smooth level of energy come over you that is hard to miss and at just the right strength for a workout.

The further you get into your workout, the more natural and reliable the energy in DVST8 Worldwide becomes. It also brings a level of mental clarity and focus that, similar to the energy, is smooth and subtle. It doesn’t quite compare with the focus in some of your more stimulant heavy pre-workouts, but it pairs very nicely with the energy.

dvst8 worldwide review

While the energy and focus in DVST8 Worldwide are good, where it truly shines is with pumps, as well as performance, which is an area DVST8 has always worked well for us. The NO3-T nitrate powered pumps provide a more dense and intense feeling as opposed to full and dilated, much like the pumps in Inspired’s stackable stim-free pre-workout FSU.

As for the performance and endurance of DVST8 Worldwide, combined with the smooth energy, the pre-workout ensures you have the power to knock out each set to the best of your ability. In workouts and back to back exercises where exhaustion is a guarantee, DVST8 Worldwide helps carry you through, providing you with long-lasting fuel and strength.


Inspired has well and truly continued its DVST8 reputation with its Worldwide release, providing a strong and effective combination of energy, focus, pumps, and performance. It’s not quite as intense as the likes of DVST8 White Diamond, although once again, considering Worldwide is more globally compliant, it is another impressive effort from Inspired.

We still prefer White Diamond over DVST8 Worldwide, but for those that aren’t big fans of its reasonably intense mix of effects, Worldwide is a great alternative. The global pre-workout also has the benefit of being stackable with FSU, which we have to imagine would make for the ultimate workout with FSU’s powerful performance benefits.

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