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More flavors are in the works for Glaxon’s single flavor sleep supplement

glaxon sedative

The up and coming company, Glaxon, is showing no signs of slowing down to start the new year, especially after introducing its all-new Plasm Caps last week. The brand has now released a sneak peek at a new flavor it has in the works for its loaded, end-of-day sleep support supplement Sedative.

Glaxon just launched Sedative in the last couple of months of last year, although with only one flavor to choose from in Grape Drank. The product the brand has confirmed is in the works is a Pine Berry Sedative, although that is actually one of many flavors Glaxon is currently playing around with.

Basically, Glaxon’s well put together sleep supporting supplement Sedative is getting at least one more flavor in the near future. It could be Pine Berry; however, as mentioned, the trending brand is working on several new options for the product, so there is also the chance it’s something else entirely.

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