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KetoLogic has you covered for Valentine’s Day with a special edition Keto Indulge

ketologic keto indulge valentines day chocolate

The keto-friendly company KetoLogic has put together a special edition version of its rich and delicious dark chocolate treat, Keto Indulge, for Valentine’s Day. The product is a romantically red branded take on Keto Indulge that comes with six, two-piece packs of each of its two flavors in Hazelnut and Mocha.

To make the limited Keto Indulge that much more special, it comes with one of KetoLogic’s recently released Snack Bars. Then on the front, the brand gives you the ability to make it a gift and personalize it with a ‘To’ and ‘From’ section.

KetoLogic’s Valentine’s Day Keto Indulge is now available from its website for the same price as box of the product at $27.99. That is actually pretty good value because you do get the same amount of pieces of the tasty keto-friendly snack as the box, plus the free Snack Bar and special edition packaging.