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Rising Labs is coming out with a Fried Ice Cream flavored protein

rising labs unveils mongrel

That 1 Leg Monster’s brand Rising Labs has previewed its next new supplement following the launch of its focus-loaded pre-workout Overkill Necrosis. The brand’s upcoming product is named Mongrel, which features very few details on its tub; however, Rising Labs has separately confirmed what category it belongs to.

Mongrel is going to be Rising Labs’ first-ever entry into the saturated protein powder market. The only other bits of information revealed for the supplement is its size and one of its flavors. The size is fairly typical with a 30 serving tub, while the flavor is a lot more interesting and not something we’ve seen before in Fried Ice Cream.

Rising Labs has yet to provide any kind of timeframe for the release of its Mongrel protein powder, only that it is due to be available soon.