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4+ Nutrition drops another probiotic protein although this one is entirely new

4 plus nutrition casein

Just last week, 4+ Nutrition made a change to its mass gainer XXXL+, the same type of change it made in fact, to its Whey+ and ISO+ protein powders last year. The Italian brand took the supplement and turned it into XXXL ß+ by combining the original high protein and even higher carbohydrate formula with added probiotics for gut health.

4+ Nutrition has now launched another protein powder infused with probiotics; however, unlike Whey+, ISO+, and XXXL+, this one is an all-new product, not a new version of anything. The brand’s latest effort is Casein ß+, which brings together a blend of micellar casein and calcium caseinate to provide 22g of protein per serve with a lean 106 calories.

As mentioned, 4+ Nutrition’s new release is infused with probiotics, just like those other supplements we listed, to support digestion and gut health. The brand has also thrown in a few additional ingredients with phosphatidylserine and to help with sleep, as it is suggested you take this product in the evening, there is California poppy extract and GABA.

4+ Nutrition’s Casein ß+ is now available in its local Italian market in the one 750g tub size providing 25 servings, and only the one flavor option in Chocolate Mousse.