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Barebells gets creative with its salty and intense new Ice Cream Stick flavor

barebells raspberry licorice ice cream stick

Barebells’ latest product that it’s been teasing very mysteriously over the past couple of days has now been unveiled, and it is quite an intriguing treat. Just as we suspected, the Swedish brand’s new item is another flavor of its delicious Ice Cream Stick that comes with no added sugar, moderate protein, and a taste that’s just like the real thing.

The newest addition to the Barebells family is the intense Raspberry Licorice Ice Cream Stick. It features a sweet raspberry ice cream filled with a salty licorice swirl, covered in a crunchy and salty shell. It is a creative mix of flavors, especially in a no added sugar, high protein ice cream, although we imagine Barebells communicates it all very well.

barebells raspberry licorice ice cream stick

The nutrition profile on Barebells Raspberry Licorice Ice Cream Stick is similar to the product’s other flavors providing 5.4g of protein, 15g of carbohydrates with just 1.8g of that sugar, 7.6g of fat, and 180 calories.

Barebells has said its all-new, and tasty Raspberry Licorice Ice Cream Stick is out and available in Sweden starting this week, although only through the convenience store chain PressbyrĂ„n. That exclusivity will remain for another two weeks, at which point, the brand’s latest frozen treat is going to be available at all of its other stores and stockists.

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