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First look at Build Fast Formula’s concentrated pre-workout Blitz3d

build fast formula blitz3d

While there is still a lot of excitement for Build Fast Formula’s first-ever protein powder Eighty:20 which hit the market this week, details of another new item have come in. Unlike Eighty:20, the upcoming supplement is not for a category the brand isn’t competing in, but one it already has two in, with the saturated pre-workout market.

The Build Fast Formula product is the pre-workout Blitz3d, which promises the same kind of benefits and effects as the already available and similarly named FullBlitz. It is a stimulant powered supplement formulated to deliver increased energy and mental focus, as well as improved muscle pumps with the help of premium NO3-T nitrates.

Build Fast Formula’s Blitz3d describes itself as a concentrated pre-workout with a 40 serving tub weighing a total of 310g. That does indeed give the product a much more concentrated serving size, at least compared to FullBlitz. Even if the brand needs you to double scoop for a maximum serving, Blitz3d is still lighter than FullBlitz.

We’re not too sure when Build Fast Formula plans to launch Blitz3d, but as mentioned, its protein powder Eighty:20 only just became available, so it might be a while before we see something more on the concentrated pre-workout.