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Crea-Ting to be the first product in Naughty Boy’s simpler Naughty Rawz line

naughty boy naughty rawz crea-ting

Since being introduced to the lifestyle brand Naughty Boy, the UK company has been impressively consistent with hype, flavors, and new products. Almost every week or two, the brand has some sort of update or announcement to share, with today bringing more news from the growing supplement company regarding an all-new series of products.

Naughty Boy has now revealed a line of supplements separate from its pre-workouts Menace and SickPump, called the Naughty Rawz Series. As you could probably gather from the name, Naughty Rawz is a family of much more basic, essential type products. The brand is introducing the line with the creatine formula ‘Crea-Ting’, although creatine isn’t all that’s in it.

The upcoming Crea-Ting from Naughty Boy is going to combine a solid dose of creatine with ActiGin to support endurance and recovery, and AstraGin to improve absorption of everything. We are still waiting for the launch of Naughty Boy’s pump pre-workout SickPump, so we have to imagine Naughty Rawz and Crea-Ting won’t be arriving until after that.