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Professor Nutz shares a study comparing itself to regular peanut butter

professor nutz research study

Back in 2018, Anabolic Designs launched an innovative new product with its low-calorie peanut butter Professor Nutz. The idea behind is that it combines regular smooth peanut butter with natural fibers to block the digestion of carbohydrates and fat apparently. So, instead of getting 200 calories per serving, you’d only get 28 calories from its 7g of protein.

While Professor Nutz did sound straightforward when introducing, some people questioned the concept and how it would work. This week, the team at Anabolic Designs has released a study done by Dr. Ryan Lowery and Dr. Jacob Wilson, comparing results of overfeeding with regular peanut butter versus peanut butter with modified cyclodextrins like in Professor Nutz.

professor nutz research study

The results are indeed interesting, where two weeks of overfeeding with regular peanut butter led to 1kg or 6.3% of fat gain in the study’s participants. As for those that overfed using the modified cyclodextrins peanut butter, they did not gain any fat. Essentially, it shows that when overeating peanut butter, the added modified cyclodextrins can prevent the gain of fat.

Anabolic Designs and Professor Nutz have uploaded the extensive study in its entirety to their website for your reading pleasure. To celebrate the release of the study and its findings, the brand is running a sale on Professor Nutz peanut butter. For a limited time, instead of paying $15.99 per jar, you can get two for a total of $25, which works out to $12.50 each.