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Arms Race Nutrition is releasing its first alternatively branded flavor in May

arms race nutrition venice beach harness daily pump

Arms Race Nutrition originally launched its pre-workouts Harness and the stimulant-free pump enhancing Daily Pump, last year, in three flavors each. Of those three flavors, the supplements shared two with Pineapple Mango and Tart Candy Strings, with the separating options being Lemon Rush for Harness and Orange Twist for Daily Pump.

Since Arms Race Nutrition’s pre-workouts hit the market, they’ve had two more flavors added to their menus, the same for each in the Bomb Pop inspired Bombsicle and Raspberry Sorbet. This coming May, the brand from Julian Smith, Doug Miller, and Kenton Engel, is going to add another flavor to Harness and Daily Pump, and it’s quite different from the rest.

Due to launch in just over a month from now is a Venice Beach flavor for the stimulant fueled Harness and stimulant-free Daily Pump. What makes it different is Arms Race Nutrition is giving it an alternative label design to make it stand out over the others. It has a colorful, tropical sunset silhouette background, which is, of course, fitting for the flavor.