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G Fuel Hydration’s FaZeberry flavor arrives in time for its annual BOGO sale

fazeberry g fuel hydration

Gamma Labs has finally launched its first-ever new flavor for the hydration spin-off of its flagship gaming supplement, G Fuel Hydration. The brand announced the flavor earlier this month, confirming the FaZe Clan-inspired FaZeberry is on the way for the product, and would make it the first flavor to be available for the G Fuel powder, drink, and hydration.

You can purchase Gamma Labs’ FaZeberry G Fuel hydration starting today through, and if you grab it within the next couple of days, you’ll be able to get in on the brand’s Spring BOGO sale. The promotion gets you two tubs of G Fuel Hydration for the price of one at $13 each, and you can mix and match, so both of them don’t need to be FaZeberry.

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