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Myprotein’s high-protein and oat-based Oatbakes promise a soft and chewy texture

myprotein oatbakes

The major international brand Myprotein has a new kind of snack for fans this month with the high-protein on-the-go treat, Oatbakes. The product is, of course, an oat-based snack featuring a soft and chewy consistency, with two sweet and tasty flavors to choose from in Berry and White Chocolate, and a more traditional Chocolate Chip.

Myprotein’s Oatbakes are primarily made with oats, hence why its highest macro is carbohydrates at 34g per bar with 3.8g of that sugar. It is also made with milk protein and hydrolyzed wheat protein giving the product a solid 18g of protein with the fat at 9g and the calories at a reasonable 264, with those numbers varying slightly between flavors.

Looking at pictures of Oatbakes, it appears to have a solid base layer with that soft and chewy, oaty main body, and in the Chocolate Chip flavor, there are indeed chocolate chips throughout. You can pick up the latest snack from Myprotein through its primary online store at with a box of 12 reasonably priced at £14.99 (19.63 USD).