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Focus enhanced Overkill Necrosis is returning and this time it’s for good

rising labs overkill necrosis

Last year, That 1 Leg Monster’s brand Rising Labs, launched a spin-off of its pre-workout supplement Overkill named Overkill Necrosis. The difference with the spin-off was that it took everything from the original in terms of ingredients and dosages, then increased and added some new features for a more focus enhanced pre-workout experience.

Despite Rising Labs’ Overkill Necrosis sounding like a great and intense alternative to the regular Overkill, the brand originally only made the higher focus pre-workout available for a limited time. The good news this week, however, is that due to demand, Rising Labs has confirmed the product is making a comeback, and this time around, it’s staying.

Rising Labs is officially bringing back Overkill Necrosis as a permanent supplement in its lineup, which just had a protein powder added to it. While the returning version will have a darker label design being mostly black instead of bright pink, nothing is changing on the inside, with the brand maintaining each of its ingredients and dosages.