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Body & Fit releases its all-natural True Protein Bar with 10g of protein

body fit true protein bar

The major European retailer Body & Fit is back in the headlines this week, following up its new Whey Choco spread, Whey Perfection, and BCAA Amino flavors with an all-new protein bar. The latest product from the team at Body & Fit is the True Protein Bar, which is a completely natural, on-the-go snack with egg whites as its source of protein.

The Body & Fit True Protein Bar packs a rather light 10g of protein per 48g bar, 15 to 16g of carbohydrates with all but 1g of that being sugar, 6.6 to 8.1g of fat, and 174 to 189 calories. Alongside the product’s simple source of protein, it actually only has a few other ingredients with its Chocolate Sea Salt and Peanut Butter flavors featuring no more than nine.

Body & Fit’s newest product is made with a date paste-base, peanuts and almonds, cocoa powder, chicory root fiber, sunflower oil, peanut flour, and sea salt. Some of those ingredients are only used in a specific flavor, such as the fat reduced cocoa powder and sea salt in Chocolate Sea Salt, and peanut flour in the classic Peanut Butter.

Like all of the many other supplements and snacks that come under Body & Fit’s own line of products, its online store is the first place you can purchase the True Protein Bar in either of its two flavors. The price on the whole-food-based protein snack is £17.99 (22.40 USD) for a box of a dozen bars, which works out to a rather reasonable £1.49 (1.86 USD) each.