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Christmas-released Candy Apple Crisp now available for the caffeine-free Bang

candy apple crisp caffeine free bang

The holiday-themed Candy Apple Crisp is one of the more recent flavors released for VPX Sports’ popular energy drink Bang, launching a few months ago around Christmas of last year. Since that release, the brand has added the flavor to its original carbonated Bang Energy Shot, and now, it’s expanded Candy Apple Crisp across to another part of the Bang family.

The newest beverage fans of VPX Sports and Bang can enjoy Candy Apple Crisp with is the zero sugar and zero calorie, caffeine-free version of Bang. You can already grab the new product directly from the Bang Energy online store at $31.99 for a case of 12, although if you grab two, for a limited time you’ll get the second one at half price, which works out to $2 a can.

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