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Core Shred is being revamped for 2020 with a new feature and more flavors

core shred reformulated

Core Nutritionals has already dropped a lot of new supplements this year, including the best tasting, most potent superfood product out there in Core Greens. While the brand has pumped out a lot of releases in the past few months, it is far from done for the year with a lot of supplements still to come, including Core Vegan and the new Core Pump and ISO.

Also, now confirmed to be in the works and due to launch sometime this year is a reformulated version of Core Nutritionals’ stimulant-free fat burner, Core Shred. Due to the original being so well put together, the brand is actually carrying over all of the previous Shred’s ingredients and dosages, and adding one additional feature to kick things up a notch.

Basically, if you’re a fan of the current Core Shred, you won’t likely be disappointed with the reformulated version Core Nutritionals is aiming to release later this year. The brand is also keeping the stimulant-free weight loss product in its original format of flavored powder, and will have more options to its menu when it eventually becomes available.